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LDR21 is the only provider of data intelligent, WebApp tools based on open behavior principles and human change language resulting in the next evolution of behavior insights to engage human capital.

We help people face intense, widespread change with increased clarity and focus, empowering them to recognize the needs and contributions related to their preferred Change Language.

This results in higher engagement, less turnover, and improved human connection and communication. Catalyzing rapid responders in organizations with the tools and insight to be ready for change at every turn.


We provide data-driven, insight tools for organizational change.

Facing Intense, Widespread Change

We recognize that no matter what your industry or vertical, your people are experiencing intense change. Change in how they think and make decisions – to digital transformation – to new rules and regulations.

It all requires adjustment – or, adaptability – and knowing what the individual needs are of your people and how to harness their contribution quickly.

With the dragonfli™ agility tools and immersive events we are:

Helping people face intense change.

Making change humane.

Catalyzing rapid responders for decision making and problem solving.

Improving human connection and communication.

Creating change readiness across a group of people.

Understanding how people respond to change, their measure of agility and their preferred contributions, allows a leader or manager to make rapid decisions. Building these relationships and sense of interpersonal understanding takes time. Launching change initiatives costs money. 

By knowing change languages and agility preferences up front, teams can be structured based on strengths, needs and contribution — reducing the time invested to understand these individual behaviors and cost of change roll-outs.

My job is to facilitate change and sustain it. I spend so much time trying to build relationships and make sense of who each teacher is as a person and what strengths they bring to the table. This would be such a great starting point when working with teachers. I feel like our work could be much more productive together when we can look at change through the strengths of our teachers and understand the cautions to consider so that I can provide supports for those things. Also it would help the teacher become more self aware. – Learning Director, California Education System

Through our Initial Response Index™, an individuals results provide two key insights:

Pause and Pounce ratioare they more predisposed to drive change or optimize and sustain the changes?

Change Languagestrengths across nine profile types that show the needs, communication style, and contribution preferred in that situation.

Once a group of people working on a change event together understand the change languages represented, their is a sense of belonging and deeper understanding of contributions as they move forward.

Everyone has a need to be heard and have their contribution valued.

Our tools help individuals focus on:

Who they are.

What they need in order to contribute positively.

How and when they sense belonging.

These three key factors influence engagement, reduced turnover and increased productivity.

Digital Transformation

Leadership and Organizational Culture in the 21st Century requires a bold new approach due to digital transformation, a multi-generational workforce and cultural advancements.

With digital transformation and the speed of change it requires us to not just build agile environments – but agile and adaptable people. While it does require a new way of doing things, it does not mean it requires a full-on revolution in your organization.

At LDR21, we are building research-based solutions for individuals to identify their strengths and contribution to the ecosystem. And, to help benchmark current operant levels of agility within an organization and leverage each person’s natural initial response to change to help them optimize their contribution to operationalized adaptability.

Digital transformation involves technologies and humans.

The four crucial elements involved in any digital transformation effort are: change management, the needs of your entire ecosystem, processes and removing silos.

Organizations must address these four elements in advance of (ideally) or in conjunction with the implementation of a new technology if that organization is going to realize success and sustainability.

What is your ecosystem? It is the living, breathing network of people and organizational frameworks that interconnect to form the system in which your organization operates. The actors in any ecosystem—employees, partners, external stakeholders, customers, vendors, etc.—are mutually dependent on each other for our business health, growth, and success. And much like ecosystems we see in nature, the poor health of one component affects the others over time.

Any digital transformation effort presents organizational leaders with opportunities to decrease  fears surrounding new technologies (like AI or automation). By taking them seriously, we can disrupt old ways of thinking and doing to create new opportunities for our people and customers. Being on the edge involves being responsible for developing the right type of change for our future, one that that goes well beyond technological matters.


The format of our core instrumentation is self-report, Likert-type 10-point scaled agreements at the personal, team and organizational level with the capacity to also utilize them in 360 evaluations.

The compilation of individual psychometric instruments were developed through narrative analysis and coding of primary open organization literature and triangulating with extant literature and research.


formatted on 10-point scales

Self-Reporting with 360 Capabilities


triangulating how agile environments work

Coded & triangulated to open behaviors and agile processes


*quantitative validation in progress

Research will be made available shortly


We are passionate about people and change. We understand human behavior, talent management, people operations, leadership development – well, basically anything related to human behavior and process in an organization.

With vast experience, we are global thought leaders, published authors, Open Evangelists, and transformation experts.






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