Welcome to the BETA launch!

We are anticipating our beta launch in February.  We are focused on the individual user at this time in order to gain feedback to ensure the most meaningful use.

Our anticipated launch for companies and aggregated data use is coming soon!

Intelligent tools for culture change

The only prescriptive solution to benchmark, track and build a company’s level of Openness and adaptability in highly disruptive environments

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Gain Competitive Edge

Open organizations unleash the intelligence of their people.

With the dragonfli™ human agility suite, you can do more to leverage the positive contribution of your people and empower an agile environment.

How balanced are you
for an agile response?

How open is your
culture really?


Agility requires two responses to change. To drive change and adjust to immediate needs and to sustain change and optimize stability.


With digital transformation, and the speed of innovation, it requires us to not only build agile environments – but agile and adaptable people. Leveraging the power of Open Organization behaviors allows for the needed agility to stay relevant today.

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Empower Constructive Disruption

Open behaviors create agile environments and healthy workplaces. The principles of transparency, adaptability, collaboration, community and inclusivity lead to unleashing the intelligence of people and increase your speed of innovation.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Using the IRI with our Corporate Team not only helped us in a team building sense, but it gave each team member a new sense of self-awareness for the unique part they have in the change process.

Millie Welsh
Leadership Development & Training Partner

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